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3 Ideals Driving Us

Alexander Hamilton once said that we will fall for anything if we stand for nothing.

We agree.

Three ideals drive us at Red Panda Boards, and we want to set them out front from the get-go.

#1. We live for and serve Jesus Christ.

Here’s the reality: we all live for and serve something or someone.

For some people, it’s nature. For other people, it’s other people. For another person, it might be money or sex, or water sports.

For us, we live for and serve Jesus Christ. He is the beginning and the end of our life. He is the Creator and the God that holds all things together.

All the skateboards we create, all that we do, and the whole reason we make and sell decks and clothing is to honor His life, death, and resurrection.


#2. We honor the family unit Jesus set up in the beginning.

Man, woman, and child(ren). This is what makes up a family. Period. Full stop.

The family has been and always will be the cornerstone of society—no matter how often mankind tries to change it.

God established the family as part of his original design when God created the world. That hasn’t changed, and it won’t change.


#3. We will do our part to treasure and care for the planet and the creatures Jesus made.

Many people equate followers of Jesus will fanatics who don’t care about the earth or animals.

We are here to tell you that isn’t true. We treasure the animals we put on our boards. We are working to establish connections with organizations working to save the lives of these animals.

If other parts of our society can boldly proclaim they support agendas, beliefs, or ideas, then so can we.

America is the land of the free. We are free to hold our beliefs, just as everyone else is free to hold their beliefs.

By believing in Christ, the family, and stewarding the earth He gave us, we are setting the course of our company to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly before Jesus Christ.

Discovering the Balance and Joy of Skateboarding with Red Panda Boards

Yes, we want you  to be enjoy exercising–especially on a skateboard. The beautiful thing is that you can jump into the sport for very little. At Red Panda Boards, we are bringing the sport to a newer, family friendly level. For over thirty years, we’ve enjoyed and celebrated the sport, discovering balance and joy in the process. We want to share that with everyone.

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