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You want to spend your money wisely on sporting equipment that will stand the test of time and use. We want to help.

Finances are tight. We get it. You want to spend your money wisely on sporting equipment that will stand the test of time and use.

Two questions usually come up when the decision to buy skateboards is being made:

1) How affordable is this sport to other sports?

2) Is Red Panda Boards affordable compared to other brands?

We will try to answer those two questions the best we can and show you that skating is a good option as a sporting outlet and that we are working to be competitive cost-wise with more prominent brands.

How affordable is skateboarding?

How does skating compare price-wise to other sports? To answer this, we will look at two areas of recreational sports: team and individual sports. These will give you an idea of what you must spend to participate in either field and how they compare to skateboarding.

Team and Individual Sports

Let’s examine the cost of three popular recreational team sports: baseball, football, and soccer. Each of these sports requires a wide variety of expenses, some obvious, some not. We will do our best to include the average cost of equipment and league fees. Here we go.

Baseball: Total cost: $600 +/-

  • Bat: $90
  • Glove: $50
  • Cleats: $75
  • Pants: $35
  • Cup: $25
  • Batting gloves: $50
  • Hat: $25
  • League Fees: $125
  • Travel: $15/week – $150 league season
  • Food: $30 

Football: total costs: $900 +/-

  • Helmet: $200
  • Pads: $250
  • Pants: $25
  • Jersey: $20
  • Cleats: $70
  • League Fees: $150
  • Travel: $15/week – $150 league season
  • Food: $30 

Soccer: total costs: $500 +/-

  • Shorts: $40
  • Jersey: $25
  • Cleats: $110
  • Ball: $35
  • League Fees: $125
  • Travel: $15/week – $150 league season
  • Food: $30

That is what team sports cost, not considering time and commitment.

How about individual sports, including ones that involve boards? Let’s look at three of the most popular here as well.

Golfing: Total cost: $675 +/-

  • Clubs: $300
  • Shoes: $90
  • Golf balls: $30 (per 12)
  • Clothes: $130
  • Course fees: $50/round
  • Lessons: $50/lesson
  • Hat: $25 

Snowboarding: Total cost: $1200+

  • Board: $325
  • Clothing: $50
  • Helmet: $40
  • Goggles: $25
  • Ski lift pass: $ 400/4 days
  • Hotel: $100/night x 4-days 

Surfing: total costs: $850 +/-

  • Board: $250
  • Wetsuit: $75
  • Wax: $10
  • Beach fees: $25
  • Hotel: $300 (3 nights)
  • Rental car: $200

Remember, these are averages and are on the lower end. When you start buying name-brand gear and clothes, the price increase rapidly.

Skateboarding Costs

Now, let’s take a gander at what it costs to enter the sport of skateboarding.

Skateboarding Total cost: $160 (w/out skate shoes) or $225 (with skate shoes)

Skateboarding requires no league or travel fees, unlike all the sports listed above.

As you can see, skating is dramatically less expensive than other sports. It’s affordable.

And it’s convenient.

You can skate on your driveway, street, back patio, or neighbor’s property. Most likely, you aren’t far from a public park; you can walk down there and skate as long as you respect their laws. It’s all free, and it’s all close to home. No hotels. No traveling. Wear your shoes and gear, go out your front door, and skate.

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How does Red Panda Boards’ prices compare to other brands?

If you have decided to spend your money on skating equipment and clothing, you have a choice between Red Panda Boards and other more prominent brands.

Red Panda Boards

  • Deck: $64.99
  • T-shirts: $30

How do we compare? Here are four large skate brands.

Santa Cruz Boards

  • Average deck cost: $68
  • Average shirt cost: $35 

Powell Peralta

  • Average Deck cost: $80
  • Average t-shirt cost: $29 

Element Skateboards

  • Average Deck Cost: $65
  • Average t-shirt cost: $30 

Enjoy Skateboards

  • Average Deck Cost: $68
  • Average t-shirt cost: $25 

As you can see, we are competitive cost-wise. The one big advantage the larger brands have over us is their ability to drastically cut prices for sales.

We don’t have a large warehouse to store stocks of boards. We make them as the orders come in, limiting how much we can discount things.

That said, we will cut costs as much as possible to stay competitive.

Get shopping, get skating

There you have it. Skateboarding is cost-effective and convenient. Red Panda Boards is on par with other major brands cost-wise.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping so you can get skating. We have sizes for all ages and designs for all tastes.

Christopher F. Dalton

Christopher F. Dalton is a writer, author, illustrator, small business owner, but more than that he is a follower of Christ, a husband, a father of three stellar sons, and friend in need. He and his wife run Huck&Dorothy, an entertainment company.