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Very few things in life are as rewarding as owning and running a family business. Working for other companies and corporations is fine, but to be able to work on a business that is driven by our family and benefiting other families is something other companies can’t give us.

We launched Red Panda Boards in July of 2023, knowing we were taking a risk: the skateboard industry is competitive and full of stellar brands—Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Almost, Baker and more.

But the rewards far outweigh the risks. The blessing of giving moms and dads, kids and teenagers, first-time and long-time skaters quality boards with top-of-the-line designs is an honor we don’t take lightly.

Our company’s designs are based first and foremost on inspiring, joy-filled, wonder-inducing animals like the Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Polar Bear, and more. These fantastic creatures are creative and resilient—just like all the skaters we have ever met and admired.

The designs are conceived in-house, hand-drawn, illustrated in Fresco, and printed on 7-ply maple boards. The boards are dropped shipped to your house within four days of ordering.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Red Panda Boards is working to redefine the limits on skateboarding. This is an awe-inspiring sport, full of creative and patient athletes of all makes and sizes. The idea that skaters and skateboarding are too dangerous, rebellious, and fringe is no longer valid.

We believe that skateboarding is creative, life-giving, and inspiring.

Our family believes that skateboarding is a doorway to living a life of balance and joy—something everyone can benefit from and enjoy forever.

Christopher F. Dalton

Christopher F. Dalton is a writer, author, illustrator, small business owner, but more than that he is a follower of Christ, a husband, a father of three stellar sons, and friend in need. He and his wife run Huck&Dorothy, an entertainment company.