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Red Panda Skateboards DecksOne Year Birthday Around the Corner
Red Panda Skateboards one year birthday is right around the corner, and we wanted to say thank you for being with us. 
Red Panda Boards was officially launched in June of 2023 and we’ve experienced a surprising ride. 
If you’re new to the brand we have gone from a handful of designs to over seventeen boards and counting. 
We launched a weekly (almost) newsletter and are working hard to revamp what we write about here. 
We are now in a skate shop in Tucson—Mortal Skate Shop—and are looking to expand to shops in Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and beyond. 
Recently, we began to sponsor two skaters, and you can see them skating Red Panda Boards here. 
And finally, we have launched a YouTube channel where skaters of all levels can submit their videos and be seen showing off their skills. 
So, if you are looking for a new board or a some t-shirts, click here. Your purchases help us continue designing, sponsoring, and growing as a company. 
A lot is in store for Red Panda Boards and we hope you stay with us for the ride. 
See you next week,
Christopher F. Dalton

Christopher F. Dalton is a writer, author, illustrator, small business owner, but more than that he is a follower of Christ, a husband, a father of three stellar sons, and friend in need. He and his wife run Huck&Dorothy, an entertainment company.

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